Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If You Touch It - You'll Get Dirty

Scarlett Mellows 

Scarlett has been an inspiring and hard working member of the JTAY family for three years. On behalf of the Zine, we would like to congratulate her on her Graduate Exhibition for her Visual Arts course at RMIT University.

Here are some of her works from 2010, where she gracefully explored her own conflicting relationship with nature.

Words from the artist: 

"As we move into an increasingly plastic, electronic, and robotic culture we are rapidly tearing away from our animal nature. Current technologies allow us to remove ourselves from our own physical bodies and to experience life through the digital means (television, computers, film and photos). I want my artworks to represent how humans either try to relate to or differentiate themselves from nature. Characters in my work may attempt to make personal connections to nature or find their place in the natural world through masquerading or acting like a being they feel belongs to nature or holds a stronger bond to nature. "

To see more of work go to: 

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