Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Lost Pages

Pages from the archives of Just To Annoy You have just been released in Sticky and are soon to be on our online shop: etsy.com/shop/JTAYZINE. You can find them in brown paper bags in which you will find random pages from any of our past editions, and even some works that didn’t make the deadline.

Melbourne Zine Fair 2010

On the 13th of Feb we had a stall at the Melbourne Zine Fair, part of The Festival Of The Photocopier 2010 run by the wonderful people at Sticky. In case you don’t know much about these guys, Sticky is a shop/art space that is dedicated to Australian and international zine culture. They have open monthly arts talks, workshops, zine launches, and provide badge machines, photocopying, long armed staplers, a paper guillotine, stationary and typewriters. If you wanna read more, this is their website: stickyinstitute.com. All members on the JTAY team had a really fun day. The zines, the people and the live band were spiffy. Bring on more zine fairs!