Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No One Makes The Parts That I Need

Our friend Matt, a regular contributor, has just released his new book. It is a collection of his mad illustrations, designs, and comics from 2009 - 2010.

We already have a copy and it's awesome.



Issue NO. 9 - A NIGHT OUT

Hello lovelys,

We’ve gone with something a little different and crazy for our next theme so we hope you have fun : ).

Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Tell us of your crazy adventures
• Tell us of a night that changed your life
• Tell us of the people you’ve met; people in the street, how you met the love of your life
• Tell us of date stories
• Tell us of your drunken shenanigans

Some things to keep in mind:

1. The issue is themed A Night Out’; therefore, all entries must somehow relate to that theme. It can be anything to do with a night out (see above suggestions), but don't limit yourself to similar ideas to ours- be creative!

2. Along with your submission, please send us your postal address so we can send a (free!) copy of the zine, along with your published work.

3. Also, make sure you tell us how you want to sign your work- with your full name, a pseudonym, a tag, a small picture of a mouse, just make sure you tell us how to let others know that it's your work

4. All submissions will be printed on A5 black-and-white pages, so if you're submitting an image it won’t hurt to think about its going to look in black-and-white.

5. Unfortunately, we can’t always guarantee that your all your work will make it into the final product, especially if you submit multiple entries- however, don't get disheartened, we encourage you to try again next edition (who knows, you might see your work on the JTAY interweb page...)

Much love,

Everyone at Just To Annoy You.

Final Contribution Date – 14th of April

Our friend Nicole Tattersall, a regular contributor, is currently having a show entitled ‘Split Personalities’ along with the wonderful  Megan Dell. We attended the opening night and had a blast. Both these girls are awesome so if you get a chance we recommend you get down there!

Where: No Vacancy Gallery

Address: 34-40  Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne. (Enter through Russel ST)

Exhibition: Thursday 18th of Feb til Friday 5th of March

Websites: nicoletattersall.blogspot.com or megandell.com or no-vacancy.com.au