Saturday, August 27, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Smells like Zine Distro

Well, as our baby grows older, the Just to Annoy You! Zine has become quite adventurous. Yes, we are all nervous as any parent would be about our little Zine venturing out into the world, but also very, very excited. Because Just To Annoy You! Is now available in another land far from Melbourne at the Smells like Zine’s Distro!, Toowoomba, QLD. 

How did this come about? Well, we met these wonderful people at no place other than the 2011 Melbourne Zine Fair. The guys over at Smells like Zines have just opened their brand new Zine store last month, and in the near future hope to spread their wings over as much of QLD as possible. We at Just to Annoy You! would like to send our congratulations to Smells like Zines, and our biggest thanks to them for helping to support the growing Zine community. Yes with our power combined we will eventually get a zine into the hands of every good Australian… and then the world. 

Be sure to travel over to their website for more info and updates on upcoming events:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zine Fair 2011

Clayton, Scarlett and Lucy holding down the fort

The Wonderful Band
Our Wares
Scarlett meditating on  BJECT

Much fun was had at the 2011 ‘I Am Typewriter’ Zine Fair; many a zine were flicked through read and bought, music was played, danced too and thoroughly enjoyed – I also enjoyed a chicken baguette from Waffle On. ( I call it a number 4 because I can’t pronounce the French name.)

We discovered the fantastic collage constructions of Li-Kim Chuah.
Sheepishly received a sign copy of Sam Wallman’s ‘Brain Furniture’.
Scarlett had a brilliantly hilarious ‘Zombified Portrait’ of her partner drawn up by Brendan Halyday for his birthday. (BEST GIFT EVER)
 We made many zine swaps and purchased Staples AKA Bearded Hobo’s latest travel zine detailing his adventures crashing around America and the resulting postcard project
 – highly recommended read!

All in all the JTAY crew took much joy in watching the public get caught in the perplexing trap of our backwards covers, the culprit often chuckling to themselves and remarking on their understanding of our concept and how cool it was to be like a Manga novel.

Cheers to all those who came down to say hi and support us and to all the new friends we made!
Can’t wait for next year...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Melbourne Annual Zine Fair

For the second year in a row JTAY Zine will be attending the Melbourne Annual Zine Fair, which is part of the I AM TYPEWRITER Festival. Make sure you keep an eye out for us at the Fair as we will be having a table of our own and releasing our LOST & FOUND Issue! Click on the link above for more details about other events that will be happening throughout the Festival. Some of which include '56 Years of Industrial Design of the Portable Typewriter Show & Tell' and 'Top 11 Things you can do with a Typewriter Ribbon'.

SAT Feb 12
Zine Fair 1- 6pm
Degraves Subway

"Sticky Institute spills out into the Degraves St subway with the return of Melbourne’s legendary zine fair, with over 60 tableholders of zinemakers converging from all around Australia to celebrate the zine and it’s love affair with the typing machine.

Romantic interludes will be layered with the passion of quintet Collectivo29 playing the golden era of Argentinian Tango to the clacking of typewriters and trading of zines.Institute appointed typewriter technician Tom will be on hand to tenderly tend to all your manual portable typewriter problems free of charge on the day, and Sticky’s inhouse Love Secretary will be there tapping out love letters for popular consumption."

Photograph: Melbourne Zine Fair 2010.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Brunswick Arts

Zine members Amy Boots and Scarlett Mellows will be featuring their work in this show. See you there!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


   Clayton Barton, Scarlett Mellows, Amy Boots and Nathan Buckley 
@1000 Pound Bend for zine meeting. 17th of January 2011. 

If You Touch It - You'll Get Dirty

Scarlett Mellows 

Scarlett has been an inspiring and hard working member of the JTAY family for three years. On behalf of the Zine, we would like to congratulate her on her Graduate Exhibition for her Visual Arts course at RMIT University.

Here are some of her works from 2010, where she gracefully explored her own conflicting relationship with nature.

Words from the artist: 

"As we move into an increasingly plastic, electronic, and robotic culture we are rapidly tearing away from our animal nature. Current technologies allow us to remove ourselves from our own physical bodies and to experience life through the digital means (television, computers, film and photos). I want my artworks to represent how humans either try to relate to or differentiate themselves from nature. Characters in my work may attempt to make personal connections to nature or find their place in the natural world through masquerading or acting like a being they feel belongs to nature or holds a stronger bond to nature. "

To see more of work go to: 

Just a quick message.


As you all know, we’ve been quiet the last couple of months, but that does not mean we haven’t been busy! We are thrilled to begin the New Year as we already have lots of exciting events coming up that you will hear about soon. Here are two beautiful photographs taken by Scarlett Mellows from one of her summer adventures at Cairn Curran.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zombies in the Cradle wins Big Prize!

On the 17th of November 2010 house Comic artist and long term Zine team member Clayton Barton exhibited a year and a half’s worth of sweat, blood and tears in the form of his PC game “Cradle” at the Victoria University Graduation show for Games Development and The Arts.

Not only was Clayton offered numerous jobs out of his high standard of work, he won the major prize on the night “Most Outstanding Major Project 2010” Which included; A ZBrush commercial License, a certificate, 4 Xbox Games, Vouchers and a Motion Builder Training course. 
From everyone in the JTAY team we would like to say we are incredibly proud of your achievements, we know you have a bright future in games development.  Congratulations Clay!

 Zac Griffin, Clayton Barton and Chris Concepcion

Check out some of Clayton's concept art and drawings @